Sunday, November 1, 2015


There is an old story from the annal's of time and space that shows up every now and then. Some details may vary from time to time though the story remains the same.
In August 1887, two small children (a boy and a girl) all of a sudden showed up near Banjos Spain. They were heard screaming in a language other than the native language of Spanish. No one knew what language these two strange children were speaking. Their clothes were made of a strange metallic cloth, but the strangest thing was that the children's skin was green. Some theories have suggested that they came from Mars, or from another dimension and that they lived underground for so long that their skin
turned to a bluish-green pallor.
Obviously none of these theories are true, but this event is not a mystery anymore!
It was reported that in the small town of Bajos Spain, two small children with greenish skin and Asian features appeared seemingly out of nowhere!
This case was named by the investigators of that time as "The Green Children of Banjos." Neither of the children knew Spanish, English or, any language known to earthly man. The boy became sick and died shortly after their arrival but, the girl survived.
As the years went by it is said that she learned Spanish, and revealed that they came from an Earth where there was no sun!

In my investigation into this I found that these children traveled through space and time!
The explanation is very simple. In their own time and space, these children came from the future. They were where they weren't supposed to be and mischievously got in a time machine to play and those who were supposed to be watching over them didn't see this. That's how they traveled involuntarily to the Earth! That's all there is to this mystery. It was nothing more than the mischievous ways of two children.
The answer may sound simple and just so happens that this explanation is simpler than most people think. People make a thousand conjectures instead of looking for the obvious thing. Now the questions are asked to Dear Sir.
How can this be obvious if time travel would be the last thing an earthly person would imagine? Sir: That is the answer.

So, if they came from the future how far into the future did they come from?
The answer is more or less 1000 years. I ask you, Sir, couldn't they have been abducted like what happened with the time traveler David Lang?
No, they were left to their luck.
Sir, how do you know all of this?
Because I myself directly have contacted telepathically with spiritual beings who, in turn, had contact with other time traveler's of that time.

The girl, once she learned how to speak Spanish said that she came from an Earth without Sun.
The planet where she lived was so far from its Sun that it seemed as far as a star like it happens if we looked to the sun from Jupiter.
I understand now Sir, they were not terrestrial children. No, they were extraterrestrials. Can we know where they came or it doesn't matter?
It doesn't matter.
Did this event happen in Banjos or in another place because there are versions that locate it in another place.
It Happened in Banjos Spain.

This story is one of the old tales spoke of in secrets and mysteries of life.
remix by me.
Original by
Jorge Olguin

Pictures copyright@jeanetteforesta.